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Penn Luxury is the premier hub for learning about high-end wrist watches. We are focused primarily on publishing information about luxury watch brands and models, but we also cover the basics – such as how the inner-workings of a watch functions and the best practices when cleaning them. Whether you are buying your first Rolex, or you’re a veteran collector who is interested in learning about a new brand you have never owned before, you will find all of the information you need right here.

Luxury Watches: Brands & Models

Since our website is fully focused on information about luxury watches and high-end fashion watches, we only write about brands who offer models valued at around $1,000 or more. We have an extensive index of luxury watch models and brands. We cover the history of each brand, and go over exactly why they are so prestigious or expensive. In most cases, Swiss and Japanese luxury watches are priced the way they are because of their quality and the complexity of their mechanical workings. A great deal of care goes into the manufacturing of a luxury wrist watch, and they are built to last for decades or more.

Luxury Watch Brands

At this point in time there are a wide range of luxury wrist watch brands, and some have been around for hundreds of years. Some of the oldest luxury watch companies have even been in business since the 1700’s. For this reason, there is always a lot to learn about the companies behind today’s most popular watch brands. We have indexed every luxury brand on our website, and reviewed them in order to provide you with a comprehensive amount of information on each one.

Watch Models

Each luxury watch brand offers a vast offering of models, each of which are much different from the next. Understanding exactly what your options are along with how one model is different from the next is an important factor if you are buying a watch.

Rolex Watches

Pre-owned Rolex watches are among our most popular products. When it comes to Rolex, we have a wide selection of information available on the different models, of which the most popular tend to be the Submariner, Daytona, Datejust, Yachtmaster and Cellini. Each model is popular for different reasons, and each individual watch comes with different options, such as band material, for example.

Watch Accessories

Once you own a luxury watch, maintenance is a whole other aspect that most new watch owners don’t anticipate. If you have a luxury watch, maintenance can cost upwards of $1,000 or more a year depending on how well you plan to take care of it. Plus, if you own more than one luxury watch, you’ll need somewhere to store them.

Watch Winders

Most luxury watches are built with a manual movement. This means that the watch is powered by a rotor – a metal weight that is attached to the mainspring which rotates when it is moved back and forth. This can be done through everyday movement (such as walking, jogging, etc). Some people do not wear their watch everyday, so the alternative method for ensuring the watch is “charged” is by using a watch winder.

A watch winder is often powered by electricity (a standard 110 watt wall outlet), and the winder will move the watch’s rotor to ensure the watch is always wound and keeps proper time. There are a wide range of winders, ranging from under $50 to $1,000 or more. While the mechanical aspect of the winder can be important, more often than not the price will have to do with the design and material the box is made of.

Watch Cases

If you own more than one luxury wrist watch, or you are a collector, you will likely want a nice case to display and store your watches. We have extensive information and reviews on the most luxurious watch display and storage cases.

Watch Cleaning Supplies

Most people who own one or more luxury wrist watches will have them cleaned at least once a year at their local jeweler. Professional cleaning is usually recommended, because improper cleaning can lead to irreversible damage to the watch crystal, your band or other important parts of the watch’s movement. Some owners, however, do choose to clean their watches themselves. This is not recommended unless you know what you’re doing – as we mentioned improperly cleaning a watch can actually damage the surface and other parts of the watch. If you are one of those who intends on cleaning a watch yourself, we also cover a wide range of cleaning supplies.